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The story of Autoprint is one of visionary thinking and marketing coupled with the will to innovate.

Boxtech Bangalore is one of the leading Indian manufacturers of carton folder gluers. Boxtech carton folders and gluers are designed specifically for gluing small high value cartons.

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Electro mec established in the year 2002 with inceptional 10clamp perfect binding machine first time in India.

Alpna has a strong culture for innovation and inspite of its humble start it has been instrumental in Alpna spends a substantial portion of its turnover on various R&D activities..

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We are the manufacturer of pre and post press machineries since 10yrs. We manufacture all type of high quality film lamination (thermal, plain and strip), silicon, platinum, gum coating, hot melt coating, sleeting & rewinding machine.

Robertson is one of the leading manufacturers engaged in developing and producing Book Binding Machineries to quote a few, thus serving the Printing and Book Binding Industry for nearly three decades.

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